BoatBuilding Design has accumulated a wealth of experience in the marine design sector. Our team can provide a comprehensive naval architect package to suit the customer's specific requirements, whether it is a small workboat or fishing boat, a large displacement vessel, or fast planning yacht.

Once the Exterior design and layout demands are chosen by the customer. BoatBuilding Design team then start the naval architecture process. Any kind of vessel needs the perfect ratios to create comfort at sea and at anchor. Only with well thinking naval architecture and more specifically the appropriate hull this can be achieved.

BoatBuildig Design has always paid particular attention to the hydrodynamic efficiency. Over the years, our team gained a wide experience in displacement, semi displacement and planning hulls. BoatBuilding Design established effective cooperation with Krylov State Research Centre, which is one of the world's major ship research & design centers with 70 meters basin test facility.

We use the latest CAD and modeling software to enable optimization in design and an efficient and professional service, striving to be forward-thinking in our design process.
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