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"W-42" was designed specifically for fishing, hunting and recreation. The spacious cockpit allows you to move freely around the boat without fear of catching on the rigging to fall into the water. Spacious lockers with a total volume of V=250 l. can place enough things for a long trip. Handrails and rails are made specially "to the place", they are convenient not only to hold, but you can install cup holders and other useful things and just tie the boat to the shore. A powerful power set, thick (3mm) bottom, convenient handles for carrying, simplicity of construction and unsinkability distinguish "W-42 "from other "classmates", and give it a well-deserved right to be called a work-boat. Universal unpretentious boat with a spacious cockpit and tiller control of outboard engine can be used both for recreation and for working on rivers and lakes. Moderate keel outlines of the hull provide a soft ride on the waves and sufficient speed under the oars and outboard motor. The welded, unpainted AMG aluminum alloy hull and built-in foam buoyancy blocks guarantee the boat's reliability and safety during operation.
Main characteristics
Length 4.17
Beam 1.50

Material aluminium
Speed 45 km/h
Standard specification
  • Bow and aft lockerl ( 250 l)
  • Guardrails
  • The fender of a special aluminium high tensile profile
  • Soles with non-slip coating
  • Film pasting on the inner sides bow ring-bolts
  • Oars with rowlocks
  • Selfdrainafe recess handles for carrying
  • Drainage scoop
  • Soft covers for seats-lockers
  • Universal awning from the sun and rain
  • Transportation awning
  • Locker amidship
  • Aluminium bollard with installation
  • Sliding mount for the sounder sensor including installation
  • Clamp for the sounder sensor with installation
  • Aft steps
  • Aluminium console with a glass windscreen
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