W-37 next
W-37 next is the most popular boat in our model range. And it is not even that its operation with a 9.9(15) HP engine is possible without registration, it is just so suitable for a huge number of fishing enthusiasts. Very strong , easy to carry boat is absolutely unsinkable – it has such a number of buoyancy blocks that even a completely submerged boat does not turn over and can withstand all passengers with things and the engine. The boat is very maneuverable and controllable and not only with a maximum engine power of 15 HP. It is very convenient for transportation because it can be easily placed on a regular trailer or in the minibus or small truck. "W-37 next" is a worthy replacement for an inflatable boat – minimum investment, maximum time to rest
Main characteristics
Length 3.46
Beam 1.42
Material aluminium
Propulsion system outboard engine 15 HP ( option)
Standard specification
  • The fender of a special aluminium high tensile profile
  • Soles with non-slip coating
  • Film pasting on the inner sides
  • handles for carrying
  • Lockers under the bow and middle seats
  • Handle at bow deck
  • bow ring-bolts
  • Selfdrainafe recess
  • Hiche for fuel tank
  • Oars with rowlocks
  • Oarlocks holders set
  • Drainage scoop
  • Soft covers for seats-lockers
  • Universal awning from the sun and rain
  • Transportation awning
  • Recess under bow deck
  • Footrest made of corrugated aluminum
  • Recess for small things in the Board
  • Removable transom wheels
  • Sliding mount for the sounder sensor including installation
  • Clamp for the sounder sensor with installation
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