The legend of seaworthiness SLOOP-6 boat, both motor and motor-sailing version with various types of superstructures: from an open motor displacement boat for short trips to options with a wheelhouse or cabin and 1 and 2-shell versions of the plastic SLOOP-6 with an imitation of clinker cladding on the outside board.

The classic SLOOP-6 is made of strong and durable fiberglass strictly according to the matrix molding technology. The materials and technology used guarantee protection against osmosis for more than 15 years.
SLOOP-6 open motor boat
The plastic hull with an imitation of a clinker set of 14 levels creates a unique classic look of the SLOOP-6 boat, which traces its more than 300-year history from the boat of Peter the Great.

A SLOOP-6 is a boat with history. The prototype of the SLOOP-6 was the legendary boat of Peter I - the great-grandfather of the Russian fleet! The boat has proven itself as a seaworthy tank in the coastal zones of the seas.
Cabin motor boat SLOOP-6
There are 3 ways to install the motor on the SLOOP-6:

1. Pure motor version. During production, a recess is cut out in the transom to lower the aft part to the size of a deadwood of at least L (508 mm). - well suited for use at sea. The recommended power of the outboard engine for the SLOOP-6 boat is 9.9. hp (For example : "Mercury F 9.9 EL CT RC" 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 209 cm3, Generator 12V * 6A = 76 W, Electric starter, electric lift, remote control, 4-blade cargo screw, deadwood L=508 mm, made in Japan).

2. A compromise option - the installation of an external bracket. Motor weight up to 60 kg. The size of the deadwood of outboard engine is L (508 mm).

3. The most expensive, but at the same time the most aesthetic option is to install the outboard engine in a special recess inside the aft part of the cockpit. In this case, the motor is situated in special compartment. A part of the skeg is removed from the outside and at this point a deadwood with a screw comes out with the axis. As a result - a complete feeling of a stationary engine.

An outboard engine up to 20 HP can be installed on the SLOOP-6 boat in a special boat configuration.

As a special option - lockers in the bow and stern - fishermen will appreciate it.

We can deliver one-or double-shell (sandwich) motor boats based on clinker-style plastic SLOOP-6 in 2 to 3 months, depending on the workload and volume of your order.
Main characteristics
Style and Naval architect – «Джекбот-мастер», RUSSIA
LoA – 6.18 m
Beam over all – 1.93 m
Draft full – 0.55 m (full load)
Board height on the middle from the keel – 0.90 m
Transom height – L ( 508 mm)
Hull material – fiberglass/epoxy
Displacement – 1750 kg Hull weight 300 kg (empty)– 600 kg (loaded)
Passenger capacity – 8 persons ( 1 shell hull) – 10 persons ( double shell hull)
Carrying capacity – 1400 kg
Engine power – 20-40 hp
Max. speed – 13 knots.
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