3 m - 4 m
3.46 m
W-37 Next
Very strong , easy to carry boat is absolutely unsinkable – it has such a number of buoyancy blocks that even a completely submerged boat does not turn over and can withstand all passengers with things and the engine.
4.17 m
W-42 Next
W-42 was designed specifically for fishing, hunting and recreation. The spacious cockpit allows you to move freely around the boat without fear of catching on the rigging to fall into the water.
4.17 m
W-42 Console
The motor boat "W-42 console" with a console and remote engine control became a worthy continuation of the tiller version "W-42 console", and not only absorbed all its positive qualities (seaworthiness, stability, spacious cockpit and lockers), but also added new ones.
4.17 m
W-42 Classic
4.30 m
Master Pro 430T/CC
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