Boatbuilding signed a new contract to design first in it's history electric yacht.
The global trend for e-engines in pleasure boats didn't pass us by. Forward thinking customer from Germany initially requested us to redesign Mariner 777. The brief included superstructure raise for 150mm as well as extending it for 400mm., hard bimini-top as a superstructure roof continuation above the cockpit with supports at the stern.

The layout included : sleeping place for two under the foredeck, toilet, small galley and seats for 3-4 people inside and two more seats outside in the aft cockpit. The space use to be for fuel tank was sufficient for batteries placement. The customer choice for E-engine 11 kW was from Krautler.

Once we realised, the maximum speed of this boat will be 6 knots, it became clear, that we should change the deep-V Mariner 777 hull to a flat bottom for slow speed displacement mode, with zero emissions, to make it ideally suited for lazy days afloat on German lakes. In the end, our customer was able to draw his dream boat profile, which is very elegant and remind us classical style commuter boats from 1920-1930.

We publish this sketches, which will be base for for our further design development.
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