Teknomar 007 hull#1 pictures before shipment in Finland.
Eventually, after 1 year, a prototype is ready! This is definitely more time, than we expected. Every new project makes us learn something new. One of the biggest challenge in 007 project was a front door. We had three design projects and we re-did it three times. It's funny, that Opacmare gave us quotation just for design 31.500 Euro, this is more, than cost of the boat itself.

We are very happy, that in the end our engineering department did a great job and now the door working perfectly. Another feature of this project is custom made electrical switches panel.

This plate made from aluminum plate 3 mm., on which inscriptions and logos are applied using laser processing, besides, all bottoms with illuminated switches.

I convinced, that Teknomar 007 will be highly popular boat in North Europe and specially in Finland, Sweden and Germany, where we have dealers already, who ordered hull#2 and hull#3.
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