Seacore C6 is our first project of Land Craft boat as a response to growing demand for this type of boats in Scandinavian countries.
We designing and we will build this multipurpose vessel for various tasks. We are always focused on our customer's wishes and requirements, that's why from the beginning of Seacore C6 project we created two layouts: one open with console and second with a roof and sides that can be closed in a bad weather by special canopy.
In this project, we are trying to find the best balance between seaworthy and maximum load capacity. During the building time, our priority is top quality of welding work.
Seacore C6 can be delivered with unpainted hull sides as well as painted in marine professional mode.

Our main goal is to build quality vessel for reasonable price, stable, fuel efficient, safe in navigation and operations. Each boat in fact is semi-custom, because we can install customer's equipment. Short delivery time, will be another advantage of Seacore C6.
A prototype construction will started in January 2021 for customer from Sweden. The boat will be CE certified.

More info - http://boatbuilding.ru/seacorec6

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