The biggest Ventum project so far
After successful delivery of Ventum 860 #1 last month - the biggest Ventum project so far, we negotiating hull#2, and this is an opportunity for the shipyard to collaborate with our dealer in Sweden. In second hull Ventum 860, we want to bring our out-of-the box approach and innovative vision. Now you see a first redesign sketches. Preliminary we consider 2 x250 hp. Honda outboards, which will provide 50 knots+

We convinced this project will perfectly reflected the demands and needs of North European customers from aesthetic and functionality point of view. Our research was focused on attention to life at the sea, that's why we call this model 860 Expedition. Maximum comfort and safeness on board is our main goal. I'm sure, once Ventum 860 Expedition built, it will become a reference point in its class.
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