Latest interior images for TEKNOMAR 007
I'm happy to present our latest interior images for TEKNOMAR 007, which just got out from Kurt Strand hands who is responsible for brand-new exterior and interior design.

The latest creation by Kurt Strand and the TEKNOMAR team was conceived as a bowrider day-cruiser. This 7.0 meters cabin boat has very masculine exterior and little bit aggressive form, like a military car. This is why interior style of 007 is a blend of luxury with workboat and navy style.

The walls will be covered with marine vinyl with diamond-shaped stitching. Though, may be it's too much and we will combine it with marine carpet and only cushions will stay withdiamond-shaped stitching.

Optional shock seats can be also covered by marine vinyl in diamond-shaped stitching. The color of thewalls and shock seats upholstery can be customized according customer wishes.

The table is an important part of the boat. On 007 the table will consist of folding wings and it will be a 3 or 2 pieces table desk.

It will be easy to remove the table and store it in the locker under one of the sofas.
TEKNOMAR 007 will be the nicest 7.0 meters boat on the market.
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