This pictures are about interior outfitting progress.
The pilot and passenger console covered by aluminum onlay. For me it looks great, but on the next hull, I would recommend onlay from brushed stainless steel. All electronics and electric devices are installed and connected. Observation of chart plotter is very convenient as well as managing of engine controller.

At the second hull, on passenger console I wish to see different type of locker cover. I think it should be also from aluminum or stainless steel. In this locker you can put gloves or another small things.

Both seats are very comfortable. I very thankful to Ullman Dynamics who gave us advise for seat's position and altitude. The goal was to create a skipper place, that give impression as in a sportive car. Anyone who will seat in this place, will confirm that our goal is achieved.

Flexiteek is laid. Plywood wall panels covered by special warm materials. 85% of inside walls are closed by panels. We expect a final job for covering ceiling, finishing all walls and delivery of toilet door as well as a tea table.
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