Why we build aluminum boats?
Aluminum is a strong material with minimal maintenance. Aluminum boat can provide longer boat season for the owner. Especially in the North Europe and Scandinavian countries with rocky beaches and shallow waters, varying weather conditions, aluminum boats are the best choice. This is the reason why aluminum boats are preferred by professionals.
Boats made of aluminum have good corrosion resistance and it is possible for an aluminum boat to live 30-40 years easily. This longevity also results a high resale value.

Aluminum has considerable ductility during high impacts and has the ability to withstand permanent deformation without rupture because aluminum absorbs the energy of the impact and prevents damages.

Aluminum boats are up to 40% lighter than fiberglass boats and up to 55% lighter than steel boats. This weight saving provides many advantages such as higher speeds, easier to transport and handle the boat ashore, greater payload and lower fuel consumption.

Aluminum is not affected by ultraviolet rays which can damage GPR boats.

Aluminum doesn't burn!

Aluminum is 100% recyclable making it a more environmentally friendly material to use than fiberglass. Recovering aluminum is a shorter, less complicated, more efficient and less expensive process than recovering of GPR boats.

You will enjoy it!
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